National Level Seminar

PIBM Pune - Corporate interactions// National Level Seminars

The concept of globalization is dominating every market. Hence the need to be updated with new theories is a must; else get ready to be left behind in the league of competitive professionals in the business sector. PIBM understands such demands of the corporate world and it aligns them by arranging colloquiums and corporate-based interaction sessions. Professionals who are working and creating new concepts have in-depth knowledge about their journey. PIBM aims to share this knowledge with students.

Experts share their knowledge from Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, Banking, Infrastructure, FMCG, Media, Aviation, IT, etc. The latest concepts that are being used in these sectors are explained to students in detail by organizing National Level Seminars, Corporate Interactions and Presentations. These activities are organized in the PIBM campus. These Industry experts are in the making of a tradition which will soon be followed by emerging business entrepreneurs; it is a guidance that PIBM offers to define the path of success.

Guest lectures are part of the curriculum; we ensure that the student is empowered with knowledge that can surely bring out results in a real-life scenario. Every course is delivered to ensure a deep understanding of the subject. Having knowledge and experience in a particular field proves to be beneficial in the long run.

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