Mock Interview Sessions

Mock interviews conducted by the V.P of Companies

Every student needs be exposed to the workings of the corporate world. To introduce students to the ground realities of the business sector, PIBM conducts mock interview programs for students. This helps the student to understand his/her weak points and improve upon them.

The mock interviews are conducted by senior personnel working at top positions of a company. During the mock interview, these senior personnel deliver firsthand experience of their industry experience.

A mock interview helps students to understand and analyze the questions that will be put across during an actual placement interview. The mock interview is a simulation session which helps students to present themselves in the best form during a placement interview.

During a mock interview, different questions are posed to the student. His or her answers are analyzed after the mock interview and tips for improvement are given to the student. This technique helps to streamline a student’s thought process according to industry standards. Feedback is the most essential outcome of this activity. The feedback session helps students to improve on their shortcomings over a period of time.

In a mock interview a student might commit innumerable mistakes and get genuine feedback about his/her performance. This activity should be taken very seriously as it can help the student in securing his/her future.

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