Corporate India guides B-School students

There is a shift change happening in B-school education these days. No more are textbooks considered the Bible in these institutes of learning. Many of them pride in the faculty they have painstakingly nurtured and the corporates they invite for weekend sessions.
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PIBM for one has this wonderful concept of bringing in captains of industry to guide and help their students crack interviews and get a hands on feel of the problems being faced in the industry today and the tools used to overcome these issues. 
In fact, most B-Schools are shunning textbooks and having corporate India visiting their campuses to guide students along the path of learning.

corporate weekend
A typical corporate weekend will have students seated in the auditorium and an industry expert speaking on a specific issue that has been faced by that corporate and the methodology used to tackle or overcome the problem. After the session, a good half hour is spent on a Q&A with the industry big wig to clear any doubts and get to understand the problem at a micro level. In fact, corporate weekends are looked forward to because it is rare that a Vice President, Director or Regional Head comes visiting. Students yearn to have a Q&A with these front runners of industry who bring with them years of experience and problem-solving tools.

corporate weekend
corporate weekendB-Schools like PIBM are also looking at industry experts providing inputs on syllabus planning and case studies specific to that industry. In fact, the trend is more towards discussing important cases and understanding how they have been resolved. With inputs from Ground Zero (corporate honchos), students get first-hand knowledge of critical issues and understand the fundamentals that go into resolving problems.
          It has also been seen that corporates provide a third-dimensional view of business, a ringside view -- that can only be provided by someone who knows and is directly involved in the day to day operations of that sector. Corporates also bring with them a minefield of statistics and data – all of which go into understanding the Whys and Ifs of that sector. In fact, corporate weekends are looked forward to and students rarely miss out on the opportunity to interact with luminaries from India Inc. PIBM believes that industry interface is vital for students to move ahead in the corporate ladder.

The glass ceiling has been broken. An industries today visiting campuses not only to teach but also to recruit. These corporates add value with their intellect and sound knowledge and their weight provides the much-needed boost that students need to step into the world of business.

Author – Diniar Patel
Managing Editor (Innovations) & Resident Editor (Supplements, Maharashtra) at The Times of India PuneCorporate panelist at PIBM

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