My Journey in PIBM

My Journey in PIBM
I joined PIBM on the 21st of June, 2015. The journey that I had in PIBM in Business Orientation Program was a fruitful learning in my life. From academic experience to extracurricular activity from corporate session to industrial visit, I learnt a lot in this process.

I will start with the industrial visits that we had where I visited 4 different industries. Before coming in PIBM, I never had any experience of visiting any Industry and didn’t have any knowledge or idea about how things happen inside a manufacturing plant. The 1st visit was at a retail store named DECATHALON. It was a sport item large retail or consumer end store, where we could find almost every products related to sports. I learnt how to manage such a big store in such a logical sensible manner without any nuisance. There I learn the first lesson regarding customer satisfaction. 2nd visit was at manufacturing and assembling plant of JOHN DEERE. It was the first time in my life when I saw how management plays a vital role in the corporate world. Here I saw how time management matter in smooth running of industry. The third visit that I had was at TIMES OF INDIA printing press. I came to know about all the process that followed through in printing a paper. The last company that I visited recently was at BHARAT FORGE which is a forge industry. Overall it was a memorable journey.

At PIBM, we had lot of corporate interaction through which I have gained immense knowledge. We had corporate interaction sessions every weekend and sometimes even more than that. In these sessions the experienced corporate heads coming from various sectors shared their experience and cleared our thoughts or queries. As all the corporate heads were from various background, we got the opportunity to know all subjective aspects whether it is HR, FINANCE or MARKETING.

Apart from teaching in the class, we can always go to faculty room and clear our doubts. They provide us extra classes for the doubts we have. We also have a feedback session with our teachers where they tell us in which field we need to improve. All the faculty members take good care by providing good guidance.

Apart from the process of acquiring knowledge and skills, we enjoyed sports events as well as talent search show named “ARAMBH”. As music and sports or any other extra activity is needed for a relaxed mind and perfect body, we got both with these two events. We have a regular session on music and fitness of body by the evening. As per me, these two events means a lot because I participated in both the event and achieved a small success in both. 

So, I enjoyed a lot in all these events that we had in these days during our foundation course. In the end, I will certainly say this that it is the first time in my life, where I have not been taught lessons, but involved with lessons. So, I hope a successful journey in PIBM in the upcoming times.


Kim Kabir
Batch 2015-17

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