How to make most out of your PGDM/ MBA course for your Career !!

Your next two years pursuing MBA/PGDM will be some of the most energizing, exhausting, challenging, surprising, and amazing years of your life. Here are some points which will help you making most out of your PGDM/MBA course:
  • Full PGDM/MBA Experience: Don’t stick to only Academics but indulge yourself in extra-curricular activities too. Committees and clubs are excellent way to develop your overall organizational skills, make valuable connections and have something extra to talk about in your interviews. Remember MBA/PGDM is not only about academics.
  • Networking: Don’t limit yourself in making friends just to hangout and have fun, but think about it as long term associations which can help you in professional life. Also we tend to be friends with people who are from same cities or state and share similar interests. Take advantage of diversity of your batch and meet as many people as you can which will surely enrich your knowledge and broaden perspectives.
  • Start with open mind: While you probably have clear career goals before starting your course, one objective of an MBA/PGDM program is discovering new interests and see where your skills best fits. So take full advantage of all academic activities during your program and analyze to help you plan your career better.
  • Internships and Projects: They are the best tools to make yourself ready for corporate life. Don’t complete your internships & projects just for the sake of doing it or for getting grades. Use your time to understand all the functional aspects of marketing, finance, operations or human resource (irrespective of which specialization your project belongs to). Increasing your professional network while doing Internships will be icing on the cake.
  • Listen more than you talk: You are pursuing your MBA/PGDM program to gain knowledge. So while attending the sessions of corporate guests or while sitting in your class or even when working in teams with you classmates, keep your ears open and listen carefully to gather as much information/knowledge as you can.
  • Be Proactive and Take initiatives: If you find something missing from your program which you hoped for before coming to college, which you think can improve your skills, let the college administration know. It can be some industry trips or conference or anything. Also take initiative in helping the administration in achieving that, it will surely look good in your resume.
  • It’s all about Confidence: It doesn’t matter how good or how bad you were before joining the course, your objective should be improvement. Leave behind your shyness and take full advantage of activities which can help you improve your confidence. It can be communication classes, presentations, cultural and sports activities etc.

Above all, remember time will be short and the next two years are going to go fast. So, don’t waste your time in doing something which cannot add value in you. Learn to plan your day ahead and it will surely help you in saving time. After all this is what you are going to do in your professional life.

About the Author: 

Mr.Gaurav is an Alumni of IIM Lucknow and is currently associated with Pune Institute of Business Management

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