Criteria of Choosing the RIGHT B-School

The most common that every MBA aspirant graduates ask themselves is “Is this B-School the one?” Indeed with many B-Schools sprawling in and around the country, it is not surprising to see the plight of the MBA aspirants. Follow this simple rule - research on 5 criteria in order to make the right decision –
  1. Faculties
    Faculties should be the number 1 criteria of selecting a B-School because they are the one who will impart the actual business learning to the students. Faculties should not just give theoretical lectures but the pedagogy should involve more than classroom interaction – case studies, projects, research paper, debates, group discussions, quizzes, etc. should be done daily. Faculties should have that capability to correlate theories and practical cases – as such, they should have experience not only in teaching but also in industry.

  2. Extra-curricular activities
    Students need certain dose of extra-curricular activities to remain healthy, fit and fresh. B-Schools should encourage such activities for the welfare of the students. Gym, yoga, meditation and aerobics should be practiced rigorously. Students should be encouraged to take active part in sports and club activities.

  3. Intensive Grooming Process
    Let the B-School you choose be strict enough to make you sincere and I can bet you will not regret it. Instead of having blissful 2 year MBA life enjoying college life with friends and worrying after the end of 2 years, it is zillion times better to work hard and struggle as a student and then enjoy after 2 years. Always remember that today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain.

  4. Extra Certification Programs/Employment Enhancement Certifications
    Business is all about technology – it changes as technology changes. We know that technology advances at infinite speed – too fast that business which doesn’t adapt to these changes get outdated easily. As such, companies are employing all the latest technologies to cope with the stiff competition. Students who go an extra mile to get employment enhancement certificates such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Six Sigma, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Advanced Excel or Microsoft Project will get an edge over others who don’t have it. Make sure the B-School that you have chosen provides such certification programs for free.

  5. Placement
    Placement record of a B-School, no doubt, again is very important. Students should do a thorough research on the genuineness of the placement list provided by the institutes. It is also important to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) that the institute provides i.e. how much the institute charges you versus how much the average placement is.

Note: The author is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and currently associated with PIBM.