PIBM Pune - Talent night // Talent Explosion

Rejuvenation, unwinding and recreation are those terms that help in living a simple and happy life. We at PIBM practice such thoughts in addition to academics and implement them in our culture.

Deadlines and commitments are part and parcel of life, so is enjoyment and having good time. The combination of these activities should be wisely used in order to experience a smooth learning process. This is where the Talent Night/Talent Explosion comes into the picture. Every 4th Saturday of the month, students have an opportunity to unleash their talents and skills in the field of fashion, play, dancing or even singing. It is their monthly time-out. Having such recreational activities does help in boosting their self confidence and it allows students to explore their capabilities.

Recreational activities for students are very important; it helps him/her to analyze the gravity of experiences taking place around their life. In the hectic schedule of a management course it is but obvious to get exhausted quickly. In order to unwind and recharge PIBM has provided the Talent Night/Talent Explosion cell for students. Stage performances with an audience will surely recharge the mood of students who have worked hard during the entire month.