How to reduce Workplace Negativity ??

Communication - Listening & Two way communication

Lack of effective communication is a major reason for putting an organization for many negative scenarios. Inadequate explanations can lead to poor client service, lost business opportunities and missed deadlines. Poor communication can make employee de-motivated and hence decrease in productivity or increase in employee turnover.
To understand the current employee satisfaction, companies should do surveys and if required should evaluate their current communication practices.

Encourage Open Communication

No one will be able to do well if there is only one way communication. For optimum utilization of the employee potential is very crucial to give them feedback on a regular basis. A positive environment can be created when the employees are encouraged to ask questions, give feedback and suggest ways to come out of a problem

Deliver the Promise

Everyone in the organization must make promise on what they will deliver and should be measured on the same. For an effective healthy working environment, the promises need to be realistic, neither under promising nor over promising. Then they should consistently deliver on their promise. Any employee would respect someone who promises and delivers rather one who fails.

Perception Management

People live with perceptions in an organization. If it is not managed properly, it becomes rumors and then grape wine which can reduce productivity. Unmanaged perception becomes reality.
It’s very crucial to give and receive feedback on a regular basis which will help you to understand your employee better. Many managers are not comfortable doing this; we often don’t know how we are perceived. Even if employees are provided feedback it is not constructive. Effective feedback will make  employee understand, how he is doing and what needs to be changed.

Rewards & Recognition

Provide appropriate rewards and recognition so people realize that their contribution is being valued. The power of appropriate rewards and recognition for a positive workplace cannot be ignored. It is one of the most powerful tools an organization can use to flag employee morale. It can be done on a quarterly, half yearly or annually basis.


Mr. Anil Menon

Chief People Officer
eZone - Future Group

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