Amazing ways to show appreciation !!

  • Post a thank you note on the employee’s office desk.
  • Greet employees by name when you pass their desks.
  • Acknowledge individual achievements by using people’s names.
  • Make a thank you card by hand.
  • Ask a person to share his accomplishments with others as a way of recognizing person’s ability & role.
  • Make a celebration calendar where in managers can use post it’s & written notes on recognition tacked onto specific dates to honor contributions of employees.
  • Email thanking an employee for a good idea for contribution.
  • Email offering encouragement for upcoming major project.
  • Send the employee a recognition memo from the Manager’s.
  • Hold up an applause sign at the next staff meeting after you mention your employee's successes.
  • Send out a weekly "Great Achievement E-mail Award" to the entire company acknowledging one outstanding employee.
  • Award the employee with a "plum assignment"- their choice of what they want to work on for their next project.
  • Send flowers to one of the less recognized "behind the scenes" individuals.
  • Create a "Hall of Fame" in the training room. Put up a picture of each employee of the month, and engrave their name on a master plaque with words of recognition.
  • Hand out the "Bright Ideas" award for innovative thinking. The winner gets a free dinner, tickets to the movies, etc.
  • Give the "High Five" award. Pick five people in the department and have them go up to an employee and say "I heard that you did a great job at ... Good work!"


Mr. Manoj Dubey
Sr. Regional Manager - HR
BATA Company